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Game News    
Welcome to the page of Chaos Legion. We are an Alliance on Dragons of Atlantis. We are a strong willed group. We work together and fight together. Honor, Glory, Trust, Strength are viewed Highly. Interested in being in one of the best alliances in the game on Server Pearl. Apply Now.

Respect the site, Respect the alliance, Respect others. 

Guild News    

Where did they go!?

Jahambie, Nov 5, 10 1:41 PM.
You may have seen a change in the guild roster over the last few days. In order to help with the growth of CL II some of CL I leaders and lords have moved over. don't worry! they have not left you high and dry! They can still be found via the guild spreadsheet and messaged if you need them.

I'm Back!

Jahambie, Oct 25, 10 1:54 PM.
After my much needed vacation I am now back full time within our Guild from Monday - thursday. As I was gone I see that not only have we gained many new faces, but have also raised to the top 3 on our server. Thank you to everyone who has worked towards their power goals and been an active member of our Guild.
I look forward to seeing your battle reports and hearing tales of your victories!

I would also like to thank all the Lords and Leaders who kept me updated while I was away. Lets have a good power building week, and a good upcoming halloween!


Troop Food Consumption Rate

Gemynii, Oct 23, 10 1:55 PM.
Porter: 2 fph/unit
Conscript: 3 fph/unit
Spy: 5 fph/unit
Halberdsman: 6 fph/unit
Minotaur: 7 fph/unit
Longbowman: 9 fph/unit
Swift Strike Dragon: 18 fph/unit
Battle Dragon: 35 fph/unit
Armored Transport: 10 fph/unit
Giant: 100 fph/unit
Fire Mirror: ?

Power Points for Each Troop

Gemynii, Oct 21, 10 11:15 AM.
Here are the power points you gain per troop when training OR power points lost with troop casualties:

Porter - 1 Power
Conscripts - 1 Power
Spy - 2 Power
Halberdsman - 2 Power
Minotaurs - 3 Power
Longbowman - 4 Power
Swift Strike Dragon - 5 Power
Battle Dragon - 7 Power 
Armored Transport - 6 Power
Giant - 9 Power
Fire Mirror - 10 Power

Chaos Legion Photobucket Account

Gemynii, Oct 21, 10 1:25 AM.
Please use the following link to our Photobucket account to upload Battle Report images: OR
Password: chaos1

Select Add Photos.  Log in using your existing account or (Username: chaoslegion_doa Password: chaoslegion)
Upload from saved location on your computer. Click Share. Click Get Link Code tab. Highlight link shown under Direct Link. When posting to forum, click Insert Image and paste link where it says Image URL. 

This will keep our gallery on here from getting to too cluttered. Thanks!
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We are looking for members currently 2k power and above, Minimum troop count of collectively 500. Apply Now.
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